b'Created by: Shahul Hameed Job Name: 521881-030Lumivia CPL Campaign 2021 Creation Date: 24 Nov 2020File Name:521783-030_LumiviaCPL_SSP_2021_Wheat_AlbertaSeedGuide_FP_8.25x10.875_01Dec20_v1.indd Last Modified: 01 Dec 2020Modified By:Trim:8.25"x10.875"Bleed:8.5"x11.125" Safe :7.125"x9.875"Publication: Alberta Seed Guide Client: Corteva AgriscienceGET SERIOUSSEED PROTECTION.Its time to get serious about the early season health of your cereals, peas and lentils.Lumivia CPL provides outstanding protection from wireworm, cutworm, armyworm andpea leaf weevil. With a unique mode of action and a favourable environmental profile,it is proven to maximize early season seedling stand establishment, increase plant count and manage risk from insects. Book Lumivia CPL today. Contact your crop protection retailer.lumiviaCPL.corteva.caSERIOUS SEED PROTECTIONTrademarks of Corteva Agriscience and its affiliated companies.2021 Corteva.521783-030_LumiviaCPL_SSP_2021_Wheat_AlbertaSeedGuide_FP_8.25x10.875_01Dec20_v1.indd 1 2020-12-01 3:37 PM'