b'Albertas Seed Growers Never Stop Growing and neither do we! At 20/20 Seed Labs, we know that Alberta seed growers are all about the details. We can helpby delivering the inside information you need for your seed! Through our innovative testingservices, you can ensure that your product is the highest quality for your customers.We can boost your bottom line with:Comprehensive diagnostic tests to maximize your seeds potentialInside information on your vigour, viability, moisture, seed weights and bioassaysPhytosanitary tests with our REGAL program on specific weeds and soil particlesTools and testing packages designed to help manage and control diseaseslike fusariumWe are proud to be your local seed testing service provider. Send us a sample today!Learn more at 2020seedlabs.ca 50711 Ave. Nisku, AB T9E 7N5|T 1.877.420.2099'