b'Our family, helping your family get aheadCanola Seed for $5.95/lb (Treated) Complete Foliar NutritionThis open pollinated variety (UA AlfaGold) has beenfor $7.50/acdeveloped at the University of Alberta to give Alberta farmersNTS Nutri-Tech Solutions product line of Triple Ten a profitable alternative to the high-priced hybrids, withoutoffers a single liquid product packed with 12 key compromising yield. elements with fulvic acid, triacontanol, amino acids, and Available treated or untreated DEVELOPEDBlackleg ResistantIN CANADA much moreShatter Resistant Rate is 1-2 L/ac (we were also skeptical before putting it Can be straight-cut or swathed to the test). The hot mix formulation method allows more Eligible for non-GMO premium markets to be packed into solution to improve efficiencies with less volumeProduct has been developed by the CEO of Nutri-Tech Solutions, Graeme Sait, who is a world leader in EcoTea Seed Dressing regenerative and nutrition farmingImprove Your Seeds Performance from $5.25/ac!Excellent product for those who are beginning to use (Based on seeding wheat at 120 lbs/ac) foliar fertility1000s of Identified Species of Beneficial Microorganisms that can: Fabian Seed Farms Inc.Improve pest resistance and diseasesuppressionDEVELOPED Seed Lineup for 2021Produce plant growth hormones IN CANADA BarleyCDC Austenson*Unlock nutrients tied up in your soil CanolaUA AlfaGold*Improve soil nutrient retention and soil regeneration FlaxCDC Glas*Facilitate faster emergence by breaking dormancySmall Red LentilsCDC Impulse*within hoursYellow PeasCDC Saffron*We have found (on our farm and from our clients experiences)HRSWAAC Brandon* that pulses coated with EcoTea Seed Dressing reduced theAAC Wheatland VBamount of the rhizobium inoculant required by 50%, withoutTriticaleAAC Delight Spring* decreasing nodulation. Bobcat Fall*EcoTea is certified for organic production throughCornVarious Silage and Grain Varieties Through Pro-Cert, and has been developed in Western Canada,Thunder Seedby Canadians, for Canadian soils. Cover CropsDiverse Custom Made-to-Order Blends Through Imperial Seed *Indicates nutrient densified production.New Seed Coating (SPE 120-ES) available! Includes season-long defenses against pests and their offspring, and boosts the plants immunity to reduce proliferation of disease. Conventional and Organic options available. Exclusive to Fabian Seed Farms Inc.Custom seed coating applications of EcoTea, SPE 120-ES and Pulse Inoculants will be available for Spring 2021. Our system is complete with conveyor handling and bean ladders in the bins. No augers. No seed damage.PLANT NUTRITIONPatrick403-633-9999 Andrew: 403-633-2237fabianseedfarms.com [email protected] the Seeds of Success Fabian_ASG_Fall2020.indd 1 2021-01-15 10:14 AM'