b'Breeding Institutions and Seed Distributors of Varieties Listed in this PublicationDISTRIBUTOR CONTACT INFORMATIONAlliance Seed .1-877-270-2890 / allianceseed.comCanterra Seeds(204) 988-9750 / canterra.comCargill cargillgrows.caCorns Brothers. (403) 380-9586 / cornsbrothers.caCrop Development CentreUniversity of Saskatchewan(306) 966-5855 / agbio.usask.ca/research/centres-and-facilities/crop-development-centre.php FP Genetics .1-877-791-1045 / fpgenetics.caK3 Seeds (403) 738-4517 / k3seeds.comLa Coop fdre .(514) 384-6450 / lacoop.coopLefsrud Seed (780) 336-2500 / telusplanet.net/public/lefsrud/Mastin Seeds .(403) 556-2609 / mastinseeds.comNorthStar Genetics .(204) 262-2425 /northstargenetics.comPenwest Seeds (403)443-2577 / penwestseeds.caProgressive Seeds Ltd. (403) 347-4925Proven Seed/Nutrien Ag Solutions, Inc . 1-888-569-9444 / provenseed.caRichardson International.1-866-217-6211 / richardson.caSeCan 1-800-764-5487 / secan.comSeed Depot.(204) 825-2000 / seeddepot.caSolick Seeds Ltd (403) 884-2358 SeedNet Inc. (403) 715-9771 / seednet.caSyngenta Canada. 1-877-964-3682 / syngenta.caWagon Wheel Seed Corporation (306) 896-2236 / wagonwheelseeds.sk.caBreeding SIX-ROW Variety Institution Distributor AB Advantage FCDC (Lacombe) SeCan MembersFEED BARLEY AB Cattelac FCDC (Lacombe) Alliance SeedTWO-ROW AB Tofield FCDC (Lacombe) SeCan MembersAB Wrangler FCDC (Lacombe) Canterra Seeds AC Ranger AAFC (Brandon) FP GeneticsAltorado Highland SpecialtyProven Seed/Nutrien AgAmiskFCDC (Lacombe) SeCan MembersGrains Solutions ChigwellFCDC (Lacombe) SeCan MembersBrahmaWestbred, LLC. Proven Seed/Nutrien AgSundreFCDC (Lacombe) Mastin SeedsSolutions Trochu FCDC (Lacombe) SeCan MembersBusby FCDC (Lacombe) Mastin Seeds Vivar FCDC (Lacombe) SeCan MembersCanmoreFCDC (Lacombe) Canterra Seeds HULLESS - FEED BARLEYCDC AustensonU of S - CDC SeCan MembersCDC CoalitionU of S - CDC Canterra Seeds CDC AscentU of S - CDC SeCan MembersCDC CowboyU of S - CDC SeCan Members Falcon FCDC (Lacombe) Progressive Seeds Ltd.CDC MaverickU of S - CDC SeCan Members MALTING BARLEYCDC TreyU of S - CDC FP Genetics TWO-ROWClaymoreHighland SpecialtyProven Seed/Nutrien AgAAC ConnectAAFC (Brandon) Canterra SeedsGrains Solutions AAC SynergyAAFC (Brandon) Syngenta CanadaCONLON NDSU Seed Depot AB BrewNet FCDC (Lacombe) SeedNet Inc.GadsbyFCDC (Lacombe) SeCan Members AC MetcalfeAAFC (Brandon) SeCan MembersOreanaHighland SpecialtyProven Seed/Nutrien AgBentleyFCDC (Lacombe) Canterra SeedsGrains Solutions CDC BowU of S - CDC SeCan MembersSeebe FCDC (Lacombe) SeCan Members CDC Clear (hu- U of S - CDC SeCan MembersSirishSyngenta AG Syngenta Canada lless)Spring 2021 75'