b'ITS OPEN SEASONOften overlooked by cereal ONgrowers, wireworms can cause significant losses in yieldup to 50%*. And even when theyre identified, growers WIRE- have had to settle for second-rate solutions. Until now. New Teraxxa F4 is the only cereal seed treatment that eliminates WORMS. wireworms by breaking the life cycle. It also provides broad-spectrum control of seed- and soil-borne diseases. So why use an ordinary seed treatment? Arm yourself with INTRODUCING THE ONLYthe only all-in-one solution for CEREAL SEED TREATMENT THATcereals.Learn more at ELIMINATES WIREWORMS.agsolutions.ca/TeraxxaF4.*Source: Agri-Facts, Alberta Government, 2014Always read and follow label directions.AgSolutions, and TERAXXAare registered trade-marks of BASF. TERAXXA F4 seed treatment should be used in a preventative disease control program.2020 BASF Canada Inc.MAGClient:BASF Publication: Alberta Seed Guide File Name: TeraxxaF4_Print_ASG_v1 Page Position: P4CB CMYK BW . . . Desiree V1Project Name:TeraxxaF4 Print Ads Live Area: 7.125 x 9.875 ART DIR CREATIVE CLIENT STUDIO ARTDocket Number: 2729 Trim size: 8.25 x 10.875 . . . . 10/14/20Ad #: kenna_P4CB_ASG_2845_Teraxxa F4 Bleed: 8.5 x 11.125 PMS PMS COPYWRITER ACCT MGR SPELLCHECK PROD MGR PROOF #'