b'going forward. That engagement is how were able to make decisions that benefit growers and branches and certainly, in turn, the seed sector.The meeting touched on the CSGA 2.0 target operating model. Nyborg says CSGA 2.0 will continue to offer third party oversight and certification and expand on CSGAs value-added services. The process will include modernizing CSGA governance, its relationship with branches and looking at CSGAs structure and fees.According to a slide presented during the meeting, CSGA is looking to develop several different working groups/subcommittees as it moves forward as CSGA 2.0.Well be looking at ourselves and looking at the changesAlberta Seed Grower Glenn Logan isQuebec Seed Grower Andre Lussier that we may need to make to bylaws, to policies, looking at ourchair of the CSGA 2.0 Modernizationis chair of the CSGA 2.0 Modernization governance, our membership, our branch models and servicesworking group. - Advocacy working group.that we provide, Nyborg adds.Nyborg explains the working groups will conduct theirhave, and we trust the membership will give us that leeway. work over the four to six months following the meeting and aWe want to continue to commit to our members with the business plan is expected to be developed by the CSGA annualopportunity for regular input, whether its direct input through meeting slated for July.correspondence with the with the board, with the office, or He encouraged members to stay engaged in the comingwhether its a member survey, he adds.months by reaching out to their provincial seed grower board,Were continuing to listen to our members and to take their the CSGA national board, and to fill out the member survey. feedback into consideration to help us move forward.We want to be able to have the leeway to explore somewith files from Ashley Robinsoninnovative and novel solutions to some of the issues we may Marc ZienkiewiczTHIS GUY JUST pIcked Up 44MT of perfecTlY TreaTed wHeaT In 38 MInUTeS!Search G40 Seed Treater on YouTubeand see for yourself.www.seedtreating.comBrian EllisPhone: 403-556-2846 Fax: [email protected]'