b'programs. Some work did continue in dry bean and pea breeding, but its also limited in the reach of what they could achieve this year because they were only allowed to operate on federal government-owned land.Certain research areas in Alberta have co-operations between provincially and federally owned lands. I know scientists wanted to get out into the field and do what they do best, but they were limited with what they could achieve in their research program, she explains. That was by far the biggest thing that affected Alberta Pulse with respect to COVID.Above all, the pandemic has continued to highlight how farmers are just like every other person when it comes to human contact and feeling a semblance of normality in daily life. Ward Toma is the general manager of Alberta Canola and says his members are a mixed bag. Some have been able to successfully pivot to new safety protocols, primarily mask wearing with people entering the farmyard and are exercising high degrees of caution. Many members have implemented new protocols for simple tasks such as swapping out a tractor driver with appropriate cab cleaning. Others he hears, simply venture to the post box weekly and rarely see anyone. Farmers are no different than the general population, he explains. There are folks that are incredibly social and extroverted who thrive on social interactions. Those farmers would have trouble. Things are going to be a lot harder in the winter season. Thats going to be a real challenge for those people.Ward Toma, general manager of Alberta Canola Toma says Alberta Canola supports the Do More Ag Cleaning services for cereals, oilseeds and forage seed Drop off point for Seed Check Technologies.Treating available for cereals and oilseeds Retailers for: Proven Seed, Inland Plastics,Optical sorting now available Union Forage, PowerRich. PEDIGREED SEED AVAILABLE Wheat:AAC Brandon, AAC Connery, AAC Penhold, AAC Crossfield, AAC Goodwin, CS Accelerate, Ellerslie, AAC RyleyBarley:Canmore, ACC Connect, CDC Hilose, CDC Clear, CDC AustensonOats:CS Camden, ORe 3542M, AC Morgan Peas:CDC Amarillo, CDC Limerick, AAC Carver, CDC Meadow, CDC Canary PH/FAX: 780-848-2365 MANAGER: Tom LuethiBox 60, Warburg, Alberta T0C 2T0 warburgseed.com10seed.ab.ca'