b'15 Pioneers who are Paving the Path AheadAfter years of hard work, Canadas national seed organization is finally a reality and will go live on Feb. 1, 2021.These are the 15 people who will helm the inaugural board. Jeff Loessin, Annie Bergeron,CEO/general manager of Les Grains Semtech marketing lead for corn, soybean and winter wheat for Corteva Agriscience in Canada Brent Collins,head of canola seeds for North American at BASF Jeff Reid, general manager of SeCanChris Churko, CEO of FP Genetics Jim Wilson, vice-chair of Canterra Seeds and chair of the Manitoba Dianne Gilhuly, Agricultural Service Corporation a seed analyst and founding partner andpresident of Kent Agri-Lab Monica Klaas, general manager of Alberta Seed Processors Eric McLean,owner of J.S. Henry & Son Ltd.Nick Sekulic, owner of Prestville Farms Ellen Sparry, general manager of C&M SeedsPhilippe Charlebois,general manager of Semican Georges Chauss, seed division lead at Sollio AgricultureQuentin Martin,owner of Cribit Seeds Holly Gelech,business development manager at SGS Canada Inc.KEY POINTS:4 INSTEAD of 5 NEW COMMITTEE STRUCTURE COMMITMENT TO GROWERS The biggest change is moving fromThere are three types of commit- REMAINSfive amalgamating partners to four.tees: Operating Committees, whichEven though the national seed grower Seed certification services, whichoversee governance and finances;association is no longer an amalgam-are offered by the Canadian SeedSteering Committees, which are stra- ating partner, the goal is still to have Growers Association (CSGA), are notegic committees that meet regularlySeeds Canadas voluntary membership longer included. Board membersto review member and client servicesinclude national and provincial seed will be selected based on a matrix toand provide advice on operations;associations, as well as seed grow-ensure diverse representation andand Policy & Issues Committees,ers from across the country. There will a balanced set of competencies.which are the direct route for mem- be an inaugural 15-member board This gives Seeds Canada a morebers to bring specific issues forwardof directors with the future option to strategic and flexible governanceto Seeds Canada staff and the board. adjust the board size to between 11 structure, according to the partners. and 15 members.Spring 2021 13'