b'(L-R) Loree and Terry Wagner stand on their farm near Lacombe, Alta. with their dog Mocha, who unfortunately passed away a few years ago. PHOTO: TERRY WAGNERthe acre. And all the newspapers, the Western Producer, were phoning me. I couldnt believe these yields, Wagner says. I still love what I do. Everybody Morgan oats werent the only crop variety where Wagner was one of the first seed growers to grow them. He also was one ofsays, Oh, I heard. I keep the first to grow CDC Battleford barley and Flourish hard redtalking about maybe stopping winter wheat. Wagner is still growing new varieties, hes just now workingthe business and then go, with another seed grower to do it. Last year, Wagner grew AByeah we have one more year Tofield and Esma barley for Russell Wildeman, the young seed grower hes been working with, as Wagner is a select growerand this has been going and can multiply earlier generations than Wildeman can yet. on for five years now. Working with the Next GenerationTerry WagnerWildeman grew up with Wagners daughters and his family would buy seed from Wagners Seed Farm. A few years ago, Wildeman had started the process of taking over his family farmpaperwork and stuff, (Wagner) was willing to take a few phone from his father, when Wildeman and his father made a visit tocalls and encourage us to continue down that path, Wildeman Wagners farm. says in a phone interview, explaining how Wildeman Seed I have some fairly modern equipment and (Wildeman andFarms was created.his father) come in and I can remember him walking to talk toWagner wasnt Wildemans only mentor in the seed industry, me. He was looking at all our equipment and stuff, and he goes,another local seed grower, Ward Oatway, has also helped him Dad, I want to be a seed grower, Wagner says. learn the ropes.Wildeman was looking at ways to diversify the farm, but wasFor Wagner he is looking forward to this growing season and struggling to find more land to buy at a reasonable price. He hadreceiving his 40th certificate as a seed grower. He then may always been interested in plants having worked as a summerretire from the seed business and sell his crops on the grain student at the AAFC Lacombe Research and Developmentmarket, but he hasnt made a final decision just yet.Centre. Seed growing seemed like a good fit to increase theI still love what I do. Everybody says, Oh I heard. I keep value of the crops grown on his land without needing to expandtalking about maybe stopping the business and then go, yeah the land base.we have one more year and this has been going on for five years When we decided to try growing seed for the first time, andnow, Wagner says.getting our seed grower number, working through all the Ashley Robinson16seed.ab.ca'