b'too. Its one organization that provides complete support.Broader BaseAnother benefit of the merger is it has helped broaden the new organizations membership base. It now has producer members from coast to coast as well as exporters, life science and seed companies, and processors.Todd Hames, a grain farmer based in Lloydminster, Alta., thinks the merger will benefit farmers in Alberta and the rest of the country. He says the combined organizations will give farmers in Alberta and elsewhere a more united voice and ensure what they have to say is heard by more people.I think, in general, to have a voice that is strong and represents most of the cereal crops is a good thing, says Hames, who sits on the board of directors of both Cereals Canada and the Alberta Wheat Commission. If we can speak louder and speak more clearly that is much more beneficial when dealing with governments. Todd Hames sits on the board of directors for both Cereals Canada and the Alberta Wheat CommissionWHEAT BARLEY: HYBRID FALL RYE:HRSW: Esma (2 Row)NEW!KWS SerafinoNEW! AAC LeRoy VBNEW!Bill Coors 100KWS DanielloRedNetNEW!(2 Row Malt)KWS PropowerAAC Wheatland VBNEW!AC Metcalfe (Malt) (Forage Variety) AAC Redberry AB Cattlelac (6 Row Feed)NEW! FALL RYE: AAC Viewfield CDC Austenson (Feed)PrimaCDC Landmark VBOAT: AAC Russell VBNEW!CDC Arborg NEW! WINTER WHEAT: AAC ElieCDC HaymakerForageAAC NetworkNEW!AAC BrandonAAC Wildfire CDC GoFABA BEAN: FabelleNEW! MustardHWSW: CDC 219-16NEW! Hybrid BrownAAC CirrusNEW!FB 9-4 AAC Brown 18 NEW! AAC IcebergSnowbirdYellowAdanteSpring Triticale:DL RicoNEW! ALSO OFFERING: Sunray MAPLE PEA: Corn: Thunder Seed & BrettYoung SPELT:AAC LiscardEliteGrain, silage & grazing CDC Evolve FORAGE PEA: Canola: BrettYoungCPS: DL LacrossNEW!Soybean: Thunder Seed &SY RowynYELLOW PEA: BrettYoung CDC TerrainNEW! AAC ChromeNEW! Inoculants Penhold9 Centre Street, Box 3030, Enchant, AB, T0K 0V0GP WHEAT:AAC Delhi - JumboNEW! Cover Crops & Grazing Blends: KWS AlderonGREEN PEA:Bullseye RadishGreg StampCCA: [email protected]!Hairy VetchSOFT WHEAT:CDC ForestNEW! Crimson CloverSelect Status Plot ProductionGentle Cleaning FacilityAAC Paramount VBNEW!Ryegrass AAC Awesome VBNEW! LENTIL: Hybrid BrassicaHigh Quality Year-Round Treating FacilityCertified Crop AdvisorsAAC SadashCDC Proclaim CLSmall RedMillet CDC Lima CLLarge GreenNEW!Sorghumwww.stampseeds.comTwitter: @stampseeds DURUMFLAX:Turnip AAC GrainlandNEW!AAC MarvellousNEW! CDC Alloy CDC RowlandNEW! AAC SucceedNEW!CDC Dorado - YellowAC Transcend AAC GoldNet NEW! ChickpeaKabuli CDC PalmerNEW!30seed.ab.ca'