b'REGULATORY MODERNIZATIONRegulatoryWENDY JAHN, national manager of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Seed Section, says a needs Modernizationassessment survey will be released in January 2021 and is the first step in the modernization process. The needs assessment will answer the following: Begins What the benefits are of the current regulatory framework and seed system? Opportunities for change and what issues need to be with Needsaddressed;What the comfort level is with further industry delivery ofregulatory services.Assessment The process will provide baseline information to inform the Seed Regulatory Modernization Working Group (SRMWG) to ensure we are meeting stakeholder needs, Jahn explains. It also allows us to loop back at the end of the process to see if we addressed the initial input we received.Farmers can expect the federalThe modernization of Canadas Seed Regulations began government to release a survey on seedlate in September 2020, after having been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Seeds Regulations regulate seeds and regulatory modernization in January. seed potatoes in Canada which are sold, imported, or exported, as well as all pedigree seeds planted in Canada. Seeds and seed potatoes must meet established standards for quality and be labelled so they are properly represented in the marketplace. Varieties of most major agricultural field crops must be registered prior to import or sale of seed.Proposed amendments would modernize the Seeds Regulations as they apply to seeds imported, conditioned, stored, tested, labelled, sold in Canada and exported. The proposed amendments would reduce overlap and redundancy; increase responsiveness to industry changes; address gaps, weaknesses and inconsistencies; reduce regulatory burden, and provide clarity and flexibility to affected regulated parties.The CFIA is reviewing all of its regulations to improve responsiveness and consistency, reduce complexity and strengthen consumer protection. Other industries have already gone through the process of regulatory modernization, including the fertilizer and animal feed sectors.Whats special about this initiative is that were not limited to just doing tweaks to the regulations. The government has 60seed.ab.ca'