b'which can be used instead of peas or lentils during those years, chickpeas, faba beans and soybeans have not been found to be host crops.As the pathogen is soil borne, it is also recommended farmers should treat it as similar to club root and clean machinery after working in infected fields to reduce spread to non-infected fields. To date, findings have been inconclusive if tillage helps reduce the threat, Ippolito says. There are seed treatments available for suppression of Aphanomyces, but Ippolito explains they have been finding the treatments dont last long enough as the pathogen pops up in June to early July. I guess thats the frustrating part, theres no kind of in crop management tool for this disease complex. Thats why its so critical we manage it up front, Ippolito says.The only way to be sure if Aphanomyces is plaguing your field is to get a lab test done. At 20/20 Seed Labs they recommend pulse root rot and soil tests to diagnose the pathogen.For a pulse root rot test, a plant sample with a root intact is needed, Samiya Fatima, plant disease diagnostician at 20/20 Seed Labs, explains. The root tissue is first visually inspected for pathogen symptoms, slides are then made of the root tissueOn the right side is a plant infected with Aphanomyces to show how much shorter to examine for spore presence. The symptomatic tissue is theninfected plants are and how their leaves yellow, compared to the healthy plant on plated and incubated for seven days to allow colonies to grow. the left side.PHOTO: 20/20 SEED LABSInterest-bearing portion now at prime less 0.75%YOU HAVE ENOUGH TECHNOLOGY TRADEON YOUR MIND. QUALITY SAFETYPut it at ease with anAdvance Payments Program50 +REPAIRScash advance. Commodities TRANSPORTATION MARKETSGet the farm cash flow you need and the $ 100Kcontrol you want to sell at the best time and Interest-freethe best price.$Our experienced team makes it easy to apply.1MCall 1-866-745-2256 or visit ccga.ca/cash Maximum CASH FLOWWEATHERLABOURAdvance PaymentsProgramme de Program paiements anticipsSpring 2021 63'