b'B:8.5"T:8.25"HAVE A BREAKTHROUGHT:10.875" B:11.125"SEASONAs a grower, you face many challenges throughout the growing season. Protecting your seeds potential from the start means your crops can emerge healthier and stronger. Thats why more growers trust Raxil PRO, the #1 selling cereal seed treatment brand ten years running 1 . When your seeds emerge stronger, so do you.E M E R G ES T R O N G E REmergeStronger.ca 1 888-283-6847 @Bayer4CropsCA #AskBayerCrop12020 BPI ReportCereal Seed TreatmentsAlways read and follow label directions. Bayer, Bayer Cross, BayerValue and Raxil are trademarks of the Bayer Group. Bayer CropScience Inc. is a member of CropLife Canada.2021 Bayer Group. All rights reserved.600 AC. OF RAXIL PRO Maximize your savings on Raxil PRO, and everything else you need for a breakthrough SAVES YOU 5%! season. See how the rewards add up at GrowerPrograms.caBCS11319699 Raxil Breakthrough_103.indd 11319699Insert Feb 11 SWOP 8.25" x 10.875" 18.25" x 10.875"7.125" x 9.875"100% 8.5" x 11.125"Bayer Crop Science Minion Pro, Tungsten, Helvetica Neue LT Std, GothamBCS11319699 AB SEED GUIDE1-6-2021 1:13 PM 1-6-2021 1:13 PM Dinno EspirituCyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black Ali.Ewasiuk '