b'Churko and C&M Seeds General Manager Ellen Sparry, who is also president of the CSTA.The new revamped form of Seeds Canada which does not include the CSGA as an amalgamating partner is putting an emphasis on welcoming seed growers into the fold, Churko notes. The inaugural board of Seeds Canada includes several members of the seed grower community including Quentin Martin of Ontarios Cribit Seeds and Eric McLean, a former president of the Manitoba Seed Growers Association.Churko and Sparry say misinformation concerning Seeds Canada is still prevalent among seed growers, and referenced aScott Horner, general manager of HyTech Production, is chair of the seed policy/letter issued by the Seeds Canada amalgamating partners in theseed regulatory modernization working group.week prior which comments on details concerning its fees and finances.One of the major changes to the (Seeds Canada) amalgamation package has been to remove everything related to seed crop certification from the package. That role will continue to be the purview of the Canadian Seed Growers Association., the letter states.Finding Out WhyNyborg says CSGA needs to analyze why members rejected the amalgamation proposal as part of revisiting its Strategic Plan. CSGA has sent outa survey to go out to members regarding this.Feedback that we get from those surveys is certainly very important to help us make the decisions that we need to makeNew Brunswick Seed Grower Jonathan Nyborg is chair of the CSGA 2.0 Target Operating Model working group.38seed.ab.ca'