b'The Cereal Seed ExpertsAlbertasLeading LineupAAC Viewfield CDC Copper CDC ArborgCWRS Wheat Two Row Malt Barley White Milling OatVery high yielding Good standability Very high yieldingTop of class in standability Short straw Strong straw andGood sprouting resistance Strong leaf disease package excellent standabilityfor high grain quality Yields rivaling feed varieties Early maturingEasy to harvest Excellent milling prospectsAAC Chrome AAC MarvelousYellow Pea Brown FlaxNew yield standard for High yieldingyellow peas Excellent lodgingEasy to harvest resistanceRated Good for seed Strong disease packagecoat breakage Medium seed sizeResistant to powdery mildewFor a closer look at our entire portfolio or to find your local cereal seed expert visit fpgenetics.caW H E A TD U R U MO A T SP U L S E SB A R L E YF L A XH Y B R I D F A L L R Y EFP Genetics is a trademark of FP Genetics Inc. 2021 FP Genetics. All rights reserved. 4837 09.19CDC Copper and CDC Arborg developed at the Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan.'