b'Aphanomyces will be top of mind for field peas and lentils in 2021 but, again, will be dependent on rain. Management is based on doing everything right, Bowness Davidson says. Ive seen it come in from pure bad luck, and it can go through an entire field. But usually, it gets a hold in a field thats struggling anyway.Unfortunately, Aphanomyces is a very long-lived pathogen, she adds. Just because you dont see it doesnt mean its not there. If you have a very good rotation, itll be less of an issue. But if you dont have a good rotation, it can be devastating.If 2021 turns out wet, expect downy mildew in field peas. That said, downy mildew will produce damage extremely rarely in an otherwise healthy crop. Chocolate spot in fababeans is another common disease, but it is rarely an economic issue.Clubroot, shown here as firm, white, young galls, continues to spread in Alberta and should be scouted for inMadeleine Baerg 2021.PHOTO: STEPHEN STRELKOV, UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTASeed for Success780.402.8910www.prestville.com 0% financing available CWRS Wheat Barley Early pickup discounts New! AAC Wheatland VB New! AB AdvantagePre-pay discounts New! AAC Starbuck VB New! CDC Copper Seed treating available New! Leroy VBAAC ConnectCDC Landmark VB AAC SynergyNew! ZealandNew! Canmore AAC RedberrySirish AAC ViewfieldYellow Pea CWRW Winter Wheat New! AAC Profit New! WildfireAAC Chrome AAC CarverCPS WheatNew! CS Accelerate Green Pea AAC Comfort OatNew! CDC Arborg Faba BeanCS Camden SnowbirdCDC NasserNick Sekulic HaNNeS koekemoer 53012 twp [email protected] [email protected] rycroft, aB58seed.ab.ca'