b'EQUIPMENT MARKETPLACEGrain Bagging SystemThink outside the binIn a class of its own, the Neeralta Grain Bagging System is the pinnacle of efciency, durability and ease of use. With many industry-rsts in grain bagging, Neeralta continues to lead the industry in innovation and reliability.Neeralta is committed to promoting the responsible use and recycling of agricultural plastics. Fast and simple handling of the grain bag has been integrated into every aspect of the system. The advanced hydraulic system on the Loader, allows for a quick and efcient bag-loading process. The Unloader features the patented Bag Baler that eliminates end-of-bag cleanup by winding the bag into a recycle-ready bale. When the extraction process is complete, hydraulically unload the bale and its ready to go. Bag handling and recycling couldnt be easier or more reliable.Call today or visit us online to learn more about how Neeralta can help you farm faster.neeralta.com1.866.497.5338Spring 2021 www.seed.ab.ca 130seed.ab.ca'