b'MESSAGES | Alberta Seed ProcessorsMOVING AHEADthats what we are focusing on in this issue of Alberta Seed Guide. With so much uncertainty on the face of the planet, focusing on the positives is now more important than ever. Its far too easy to get stuck on the grim overtones of most news reports these days. Being both optimistic but realistic is imperative. Courage, flexibility and determination are attributes of farmers will continue to separate success from failure.Face it, farmers and ranchers have made a life out of managing change and uncertainty, be it on a micro or macro sale. Sometimes, the shift required is minimal, and can be expertly executed single handed in minutes. In other instances, the shift crosses sectors, involves a multitude of people and takes months, and maybe even years. The article on Results Driven Agricultural Research (RDAR), addressing the changing face of agricultural research here in Alberta, is one of the shifts which is a multi-stakeholder and a multi-year process. The article on the Cereals Canada and CIGI merger is testament to how industry is streamlining to reduce redundancy while preserving and elevating services to stakeholders. Also, Seeds Canada is now moving forward with a redesigned plan with four of the original five national seed uniting to form a unified, streamlined organization. Acknowledging differences, and accentuating similarities will be in the blueprint of building RDAR, the new non-government organization which funds research capacity in Alberta, the CIGI and Cereals Canada merger, and the amalgamation of the four seeds organizations to form Seeds Canada. @CoppockT Thats a LOT of change stacked on top of what farmers and ranchers have to deal [email protected] just to run a successful operation. (403) 489-9999 It is human nature to fear change, its what keeps us alive (think hiding behind a rock when a mammoth is charging). Its OK to look at the future and to feel a bit intrepid, as that is human nature. But staying stuck in the world of conspiracy theories and negative what-ifs will paralyze not only ourselves, but the industry we are connected with. We do not all have to agree with each other on everything, but we must keep working together, and stive for understanding and collaboration.Speaking of being connected, the novelty of participating in Zoom meetings has definitely worn off for most of us. For decades, the industry utilized in-person events to meet with stakeholders to both formally and informally to ensure the stakeholders concerns were being addressed. This will be the first time in years I will not be visiting a winter farm show or FarmTech. With the absence of in-person gatherings, organizations are struggling with just how to execute stakeholder engagement, as relevancy is now more important than ever in these changing times. For the first time in history, Alberta Seed Processors took our AGM online, which was not a preference, but a necessity considering Albertas grim COVID-19 status.Alberta Seed Processors along with Alberta Seed Growers are pleased to announce an enhanced seed.ab.ca website. The investment in the website redesign has been a priority which has focused on you, the farmer, looking for a seed source. We wanted to build a website with an enhanced seed search tool which enables farmers to efficiently find seed on the website. As the launch of the website coincides with this issue of Alberta Seed Guide, I do hope you find value in our investment. Naturally, finding services provided by the members of Alberta Seed Processors will be built into the website as well.There is a lot going on in this industry, pandemic or not, we will keep moving forward.Enjoy this issue of the Alberta Seed Guide. Tom Coppock, President, Alberta Seed ProcessorsSpring 2021 5'