b' L eaf spot ratings in the wheat tables are a combination ofN, P, K and S fertilizer rates are based on soil test results resistance to tan spot and septoria leaf disease complex. for 1.25x the area average yield goal of the past 4 years, as Fusarium head blight (FHB), caused by Fusarium graminearumreported in the AFSC Yield Alberta publication.and other species, is an increasing problem in Alberta. The All wheat, barley and oat seed are treated with Cruiser Maxx relative ranking of crops from most susceptible to leastVibrance Cereals. Triticale is treated with Dividend XL RTA. susceptible is durum wheat, spring and winter wheat, triticale,Flax seed is not treated.barley, and oat. Corn is a host of Fusarium graminearum andSeeding rates are adjusted for TKW and germination to reach can serve as a source of infection when residue is left on thethe following target plant populations listed in Table 1.ground. FHB infection is highly influenced by the environment and heading date. A resistant (R) tolerance rating for FHB doesTable 1.0 Target Plant Populations Used to Determine not equate to immunity. Under severe epidemics, all varietiesSeeding Rateswill sustain damage. All seed should be tested for the presenceCrop Wheatof FHB and treated with an appropriate seed treatment.Winter Producers are advised to choose varieties with the best FHBClass CWRS CPSR CNHR CWSP Durum CWSWS Wheattolerance whenever possible and always use best managementTarget Plant practices to slow the spread of this disease.Population31 31 31 31 28 31 33Seed used in the Alberta Regional Variety Testing program(plants/sq ft)comes with a fusarium-free certificate and trials are inspected for FHB during the growing season. Crop Barley Oat Triticale FlaxLaboratories participating in the FHB testing program: Class 2 row 6 row BrownYellow 20/20 Seed Labs Ltd., Nisku, AB: 1-877-420-2099 SGS Canada Inc., Sherwood Park, AB: 1.800.952.5407 Target PlantSGS Canada Inc., Grande Prairie, AB: 1-877-532-8889 Population25 25 28 29 75 84 Precision Seed Testing, Beaverlodge, AB: 1-780-354-2259 (plants/sq ft) Seed Check Technologies Inc., Leduc, AB: 1-780-980-8324Foliar fungicides are not applied to the trials which allows for Agronomic Practices Used in Small Plot Trials expression of genetic differences between cultivars for their Small plot trials are conducted using the following bestdisease resistance. Under disease pressure, the application of a agronomic practices: foliar fungicide may significantly increase yields on some cultivars.Protecting you from the unexpectedAt AFSC, we know how unpredictable farming can be in Alberta, because were farmers too. Let us be your first line of defense with our insurance, farm income stabilization, and lending programs. We offer solutions that respond to your operations needs . every step of the way.Learn more by contacting AFSC today.AFSC.ca/protectSocial iconCircleOnly use blue and/or white.For more details check out ourBrand Guidelines.1.877.899.AFSC (2372)Spring 2021 73'