b'DISEASE OUTLOOKIf 2021 is warm in the early growing season, farmers should watch for net blotch in barley. PHOTO: KELLY TURKINGTON, AAFCCrop Disease OutlookYour province wide crop disease outlook for the 2021 growing season.THOUGH EVERY FARMER wishes itBarley suffered significant scald in otherwise, crop diseases are a constant2020, mostly related to the relatively cool in farming. Exactly what diseases shouldcondition in the earlier growing season. Albertan farmers expect in 2021? WhileIf next year is warm early in the year certain trends are clear, much willinstead, its more likely net blotch or spot depend on what Mother Nature choosesblotch will take hold. to throw at farmers in the lead-up to andRusts are highly dependent on both throughout next years growing season.localized weather and conditions from Most plant diseases are very difficult towhere the inoculum blows in.predict because they are highly weatherFor rusts, keep an ear to the ground, dependent, says Agriculture and Agri- says Turkington. Stripe rust is the main Food Canada (AAFC) Plant Pathologyrust disease affecting Alberta wheat Research Scientist Kelly Turkington.crops, and if epidemics of stripe rust Average growing season temperatureare being reported in the U.S. Pacific and precipitation may or may not beNorthwest (PNW) in early spring, this indicative of risk because it can be thewould serve as an indication of risk for shorter-term weather events. If theyAlberta wheat producers.coincide with specific growth stages, thatHowever, he adds, mild winters with allow disease to take off. adequate snow cover can permit the For example, moisture in June andstripe rust pathogen to overwinter on into July can translate to cereal leaf spotAlberta winter wheat crops, so monitor diseases, even if much of the rest of theyour winter wheat in the fall and as soonA cool early season increases the risk of scald in season is drier.as it starts to regrow in the spring.barley. PHOTO: KELLY TURKINGTON, AAFC54seed.ab.ca'