b'EXPANDING YOUR FARM OR SEED BUSINESS?BUYING OUT LANDLORDS?IMPROVING LAND?Area One Farms provides a way to expand with minimal AreaOneFarmspartnerswithCanadianfarmersingrowingtheirlandbaseand risk and guarantees a decade of operations. Youputinequityandweputintheremainingequity,sothatthereis land security. noadditionaldebt.Thepartnershipsstartat10-years,sothatyoucanbuild yourlandbaseaslandcomesavailable,withouttherisksthatcomewithdebt. Established eight years ago, Area One Farms has worked with 20 farmers to help them build sustainable operations. The farmer always has the first right to buy the land out at the end of the partnership. Most importantly for those trying to build value through associatedbusinesseslikeseedproduction,AreaOneFarmswillpartneracross not only the land base but also the infrastructure needed to support the business. AreaOneFarmsprovidesaway toexpandwithminimalriskand guarantees a decade of land security. CONTACT US TO LEARN [email protected](416) 583-5873'