b'ALBERTAPulse Processing BusinessFOR SALE!THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY YOUVE BEENLOOKING FOR.And weve got 5 reasons why.1 2 3 4 5Decades ofModern processingLong-standingTeam of long-tenuredStrong revenue and success andfacility with surplusforeign (80% ofstaff with deepprofitability with leadershipproduction sales) and domesticindustry andsubstantialin this nichecapacity customers operational growthindustry experience plansWith over 50 years of established business growth and access to lucrative markets in Asia, USA and North Africa, this specialty pulse processing company, strategically headquartered in Alberta, Canada is an amazing turn-key acquisition or market expansion opportunity for the right buyer.THIS INDUSTRY AND ORGANIZATION AREPOISED FOR SIGNIFICANT GROWTH.The offer includes: Processing plant, storage facilities, equipment and inventory Customer and supplier contracts, trade name and goodwill Owner assisted transition of the business is availableCONTACT DAVID LAYCRAFT TO LEARN MOREABOUT THIS AMAZING [email protected]_FP_ASG.indd 1 2021-01-15 8:25 AM'