b'cerealsperformance trials and grower directory2021-2022 Recommended Malting Barley VarietiesTHE CANADIAN MALTING Barley Technical Centre (CMBTC)The CMBTC recommends producers have a contract for all recommended list provides producers with an indication ofbarley varieties being grown for malt.which malting barley varieties have the greatest potential for selection and marketing. Each variety on the recommended listVarieties in Developmenthas been pilot scale tested at the CMBTC and all exhibit goodThese newly registered varieties are undergoing seed malting and brewing characteristics. All varieties on the list arepropagation and commercial market development. Contact the registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). seed distributor for opportunities to trial these promising new varieties.Recommended VarietiesMarketVariety TypeSeed DistributorVariety TypeComments Seed Distributor CDC ChurchillTwo RowSeCan CDC CopelandTwo RowEstablishedSeCanCDC CopperTwo RowFP Genetics Demand AC MetcalfeTwo RowEstablishedSeCanAB BrewNetTwo RowSeedNet Demand AAC SynergyTwo RowEstablishedSyngentaThe CMBTC and its Members RecommendDemandTalk with your grain company representative, local elevator AAC ConnectTwo RowGrowing DemandCanterra Seedsoperators, malting companies, or the representative seed CDC BowTwo RowGrowing DemandSeCancompany about opportunities in your area to grow and market malting barley.CDC FraserTwo RowGrowing DemandSeCanUse certified seed to ensure varietal purity, reduce incidence of disease and increase the likelihood of selection for malt.In addition to the varieties listed, there are also contracting opportunities for the following: Bentley, Celebration and CDC PlatinumStar (Canterra Seeds) Legacy, Newdale, Tradition (FP Genetics) Cerveza (Mastin Seeds) Lowe (SeCan)Spring 2021 93'