b'New VarietiesBrettYoung BY Rainier XT 00.5 RM Excellent Very good fieldVery good yield potential (800) 665-5015 Roundup Ready 22425 HU resistanceTall plant height brettyoung.ca Xtend(Rps1c gene) Good IDC and PRR toleranceVery good tolerance to white mouldIDC semi-tolerantPioneer brandP000A24E/E32275 HU Very goodAbove averageExcellent emergence Seeds/Cortevairon chlorosis Above average FEC AgriscienceAbove average canopy width (800) 667-3852 P005A59E/E32400HU Very goodAbove averageVery good early growthpioneer.com/canada iron chlorosis 1C gene for phytophthora field corteva.ca toleranceVery good harvest standability; above average iron chlorosis; average canopy width Brevant seeds/ B0071RX/Xtend 2450 HU Very goodVery good ironVery good defensive trait package Cortevachlorosis andwith resistance to SCN (P188788)Agriscience phytophthora Very good iron chlorosis and phytoph-(800) 667-3852 thora field tolerance with RPS6 and corteva.ca1K genesSOYBEANSbrevant.ca Medium plant height with bushy plant architectureB0061E/E32425 HU Very goodGood phytoph- New high performing soybean with thora field toler- Enlist E3 trait soybean herbicide toler-ance ance trait.Triple mode of action herbicide tolerance to 2,4-D, glyphosate and glufosinate herbicidesPhytophthora resistance 1C geneNutrien AgPV 27s0005R2X 2175 HU 101% ofR to SCN, Rps1kStrong disease packageSolutions DKB0005-44 PRR gene Narrow row fit with strong Proven Seed agronomicsnutrienagsolutions.ca Resistant to soybean cyst nematodeprovenseed.ca PV 28s001R2X 2325 HU 105% ofR to SCN, Rps1cStrong disease packageP001A48X PRR gene Narrow to wide row fit with strong agronomicsResistant to SCNPV 004XF13 2400 HU 102% ofR to SCN, Rps1cStrong disease packageP005A83X PRR gene Well suited to lighter soil texturesResistant to SCNPV 24s0008R2X 2250 HU 128% ofR to SCN, Rps1cStrong yield performance versus P0007A73X PRR gene industry-leading checksMedium to medium-tall plant with solid agronomicsStrong disease packagePV 25s005R2X 2425 HU 107% ofRps1c PRRExcellent phytophthora field P00537X gene toleranceSuiteable for all row widthsWHEATVariety Name/ Disease/Pest Company Type Maturity Yield Resistance HighlightsFP Genetics AAC Hockley +0.7 days109% Carberry R to leaf rust Top yielding semi-dwarf CWRS with (877) 791-1045 CWRS Carberry R to stripe rust strong straw and superior standability WHEATfpgenetics.ca MR to stem rust with an excellent disease packageMR to FHBAAC Hodge VB -1 days Carberry 117% Carberry R to leaf rust High yielding midge tolerant CWRS midgeR to stripe rust semi-dwarf CWRS with excellenttolerant R to stem rust standability and a superior disease MR to FHB packageCDC Silas +0.3 days 112% Carberry R to leaf rust Very high yielding semi-dwarf CWRS CWRS Carberry MR to stem rust with strong performance in north and I to stripe rust central Alberta and Saskatchewan I to FHB Parkland areas68seed.ab.ca'