b"They didn't want the B.C. voice being lost and making sure that we are actually taking B.C. into account. We're not just Albertan, we're Alberta/B.C. Reframing our minds to make sure that we understand the B.C. concerns as well, she says.Those concerns were taken into consideration throughout the amalgamation process with the ABCSG board appointing Ed Hadland as an interim board member to represent the B.C. region earlier this year. Hadland is a third-generation seed grower in Baldonnel, B.C. He served seven years as a CSGA board member and was an active member of the BCSG boardThe new logo for the Alberta-British Columbia Seed Growers (ABCSG)over the past 30 years.I think it was good to help with transition if there's any questions. There are other Peace Country, Alberta directors, so they're fairly close with us and what we do, but I think it was good to have one B.C. member on there to start with, Dave Wuthrich says in a phone interview. Just knowing that there is a person there to help walk us Wuthrich is a former BCSG board member and was a drivingthrough issues that we may have, I think that's a big bonus. force behind the amalgamation. He runs PW Farms Ltd. nearAnd I mean, you can go on their website, they have lots of Cecil Lake, B.C. and served on the BCSG board for around 30information there.years in various positions including as national representationFor Niemela, she sees the merger as a positive for agriculture with CSGA. With the merger having now happened, Wuthrich isin both Alberta and B.C. as it helps to provide a stronger voice stepping back from branch board activities for the time being. for the West nationally in the seed industry.We're getting the information and the support that we wereWe're still the seed growers, we're all still working hard expecting. They've been good, he says. Adding its reassuringto produce the best quality certified seed for the farming now to know if any B.C. seed growers have questions aboutcommunity. Whether we are in Alberta, or B.C. the same applying for a field inspection or anything, they can call ABCSGseed regulations are applied to ensure quality seed for our Executive Director Kelly Chambers and have access to a wealthcustomers, she says.of information.Ashley RobinsonHome Grown High Quality Canadian Seed Ph: 403-443-2577 Email: [email protected] Hills, AB www.penwestseeds.ca BarleyCPS WheatRed LentilsOn Site Services AAC Connect, CDC CopelandForefrontCDC Proclaim90 Scale on Site AAC Synergy, AC MetcalfeStorm Seed Treater CDC Churchill, AB Wrangler Soft White WheatFaba BeansMini Bulk Bagging CDC Austenson, CanmoreSadash VB219-16& Shipping Esma, SirishInoculant AB Advantage-smooth awnedDurum CanolaOsmium AAC StrongholdBrettYoung, CanterraNodulator Duo PeasTag Team Winter WheatForages AAC Ardill, AAC Carver AAC WildfireBrettYoung CDC Forest (green) Also Available OatsFlaxBio Boost HRS Wheat CS CamdenCDC RowlandDiatomaceousEarth AAC Brandon, JakeCDC EndureAAC Hodge VB AAC Starbuck VBNew for Fall 2023AB Snowcat Triticale AAC Wheatland VBNew for 2024CDC Renegade Barley AAC Redberry 12seed.ab.ca"