b'New VarietiesPULSESVariety Name/ Disease/Pest Company Type Maturity Yield Resistance HighlightsCanterra SeedsAAC Beyond Medium 105% of CDCMR - FusariumHigh yield potential with medium (866) 744-4321 Yellow peas Amarillo root rot maturitycanterra.com R - powderyHigh protein contentmildew Smaller seed size with good seed PULSES SOYBEANScoat breakageProStar Early 101% of CDCMR - FusariumHigh yield potential with earlier Yellow peas Amarillo root rot maturityR - powderyVery high protein contentmildew Good seed coat breakagePenwest Seeds AAC Ardill Early/Medium Highest yield- I - ascochyta Excellent seed coat(403) 443-2577 Yellow peas ing in RVT sites penwestseeds.ca Zone 1 and 2 and 2nd high-est Across Alberta of varieties testedSOYBEANSVariety Name/ Disease/Pest Company Type Maturity Yield Resistance HighlightsBayer - DeKalb DKB0005-03 2175 VisitExcellent IDCCompact, medium-height variety (888) 283-6847 Roundup Ready 2DeKalb.catolerance with bushy architecture and excellent DeKalb.ca Xtend to view trialGood whitestandabilityresults mould Excellent iron deficiency chlorosis tolerance tolerancePerforms well across all soil types testedDKB006-80 2450 VisitExcellent IDCMedium-to-tall height with excellent Roundup Ready 2DeKalb.catolerance standabilityXtend to view trialExcellentOutstanding early season vigour com-results white mouldbined with excellent agronomics and tolerance disease package including excellent Resistant toiron deficiency chlorosis and white soybean cystmould tolerancenematodeWell suited across all soil types and (Race 3) row widths testedSEC_WEB17_ABSG_SEC_WEB16_ABSG.qxd2017-10-065:21 PMPage 1SEC_WEB17 Publication: Alberta Seed Guide Size:7.125 x 3.25GGeenneessoonnlliinneeProduced by: SeCan Ad Number:Product/Campaign Name: WebDate Produced: October 2021 For genes that fit your farm , visit secan.comGenes that fit your farmis a registered trademark of SeCan.66seed.ab.ca SEC_WEB17'