b'RANCONA TRIO. THREE POWERFUL FUNGICIDES.ONE AMAZING SEED TREATMENT FOR CEREALS AND PULSES.RANCONA TRIO seed treatment takes disease protection and improved crop emergence to new levels. By combining three powerful fungicides with the superior coverage and adhesion of RANCONA advanced \x1f owable technology, you have a seed treatment that delivers more consistent protection under a wider range of conditions, maximizing your seed treatment investment and your yield potential.And for even greater yield potential, follow up with OHMbiostimulant for improved nutrient uptake and plant vigour, and ZOLERA FX fungicide for maximum protection and yield.Ask your seed treater or UPL representative about RANCONA TRIO seed treatment, or visit ranconatrio.ca.Always read and follow label directions. RANCONA, OHM, ZOLERA, UPL, the UPL logo and OpenAg are trademarksRANCONA TRIOZOLERA FXSEEDNGICI TMENTof a UPL Corporation Limited Group Company. 2022 UPL Corporation Limited Group Company. RTRO-2201 FU TREA DERTRO-2201 Print Ad 8.25x10.875.indd 1 9/21/22 11:28 AM'