b"SEED REGULATORY MODERNIZATIONHow Might SRM Benefit You?The seed sector has come together to create a modern regulatory system designed to ensure innovative new varieties come to growers fields faster.IMAGINE IF WE could ensure the best new crop varieties in Canada are available to farmers in a timely manner and innovative traits come to Canadian fields safely and more quickly, thereby maintaining farmers' competitiveness in both domestic and global markets.An effort to do just that is underway with Seed Regulatory Modernization (SRM), which is ongoing and expected to wrap up in 2025. SRM is an initiative to update Canadas Seeds Regulations. The main purpose of the Seeds Regulations is to protect producers and consumers from misrepresentation, prevent the use of low-quality seed and create a level playing field for companies and individuals involved in seed production.Seed health is vital to Canada as the first critical link in the agri-food value chain. The seed regulations ensure that quality standards remain high. The regulations provide assurance for quality, traceability, purity and movement, says Wendy Jahn, national manager of the Canadian Food inspection Agency (CFIA) Seed Section. For instance, seed laws protect theLauren Comin is the regulatory affairs manager for Seeds Canadafarmer by legally requiring the seller to guarantee the quality of seed viaGiven that the total economic impactCanadas seed laws are obviously standardized inspection and testingof pedigreed seed production is closeimportant, but as technology changes, so procedures. Those procedures, whichto $6 billion per year, and the factdoes the global market for seed, and our may consist of a certification system andthat it provides the foundation for ourseed regulations need an update. SRM accreditation authorization procedures,$30-billion per year grain industry, itdoesnt represent the first time the Seeds protect enterprises that engage in qualitybecomes clear why seed regulationRegulations have been updated, but seed production and protect consumersremains important to the Government ofthere hasnt been a major overhaul made in the commercial sector and the farmingCanada and why the CFIA protects theto them in 25 years.community. industrys best interest, she adds. The formal SRM process is being 94seed.ab.ca"