b"Theres a huge, huge land transfer coming. Around 75 per cent of farms are going to be transitioning hands within the next 10 years.Alex Pulwickithe Young Farmers Loan in offering special interest rates butSecond, theres a major and imminent shift in land goes several steps further in making access as broad and simplemanagement on agricultures horizon. as possible. Specifically, it requires no guarantor, no downTheres a huge, huge land transfer coming. Around 75 per payment, and even has relaxed requirements on security. cent of farms are going to be transitioning hands within the next This one is the most unique and helps producers the most.10 years, explains Pulwicki. Many of those farms dont have If you dont have anyone to help guarantee, or you dont havesuccession plans, so theres a lot of uncertainty ahead.anything for a down payment, or you dont have any security,Interestingly, tomorrows farmers arent necessarily none of those would stop you from being eligible for a Startertodays farm kids. In fact, a Canada-wide study of new Loan, says Curtis Grainger, FCCs director of lending products.farmers completed in 2015 showed that 68 per cent of survey Its been around for a while, but we did a pretty significantrespondents didnt come from farming families, says Pulwicki. refresh of the program last yearto help new people interestedWhile the rising cost of agricultural real estate may make in agriculture gain access to capital to essentially help kickstartsuccession feel out of reach, Pulwicki adds farmers - both those their journey.looking to get in and those looking to get out - should look for Supporting young farmers is critical, Pulwicki and Graingerpossibilities. agree, especially given recent demographic trends.Be open to different possibilities and, yes, be excited by First, theres the increasing age of Albertan farmers. The 2021the opportunities. A lot of the time it can be kind of doom Census of Agriculture showed that Canadas farmers continue toand gloom when people are thinking about these really big grey: in 2021, just over 62 per cent of Albertas farmers were 55challenges ahead for agriculture, but there's actually so many years of age or older, up nearly seven per cent from 2016. Overdifferent opportunities thatwhen you get to it - you'll probably the same five-year period, the number of Albertan farmers inend up having a hard time choosing between the options the 35 to 54 years of age category dropped by six per cent, oravailable. nearly 3,600 farmers. Madeleine BaergComplete Grain Storage & Handling SolutionsWe have the products and expertise to take your farm to the next level.Serving the Industry for over 36 years! Call us today for a free grain handling consultation.403-948-7810 1-800-561-5625 Fx: 403-948-3189Email: contact@skywaygrainsystems.comwww.skywaygrainsystems.com48seed.ab.ca"