b'PMRAAlberta Watershed Pilot Project to Provide Valuable Data to PMRAA three-year watershed study will help ensure pesticide risk levels are determined using real-world data and not over-conservative models, researchers say.NEVIN ROSAASEN IS helping spearhead one of the mostacross the country. Its work that Rosaasen is embracing. The comprehensive water monitoring studies in Alberta in recentsustainability and government relations lead for the Alberta memory.Pulse Growers (APG) is a fourth-generation farmer, and a A lot has gone into it: hundreds of thousands of dollars inleading agricultural climate economist whos known for being a funding has allowed researchers to screen 15 Alberta wetlandspassionate advocate for sensible pesticide policy in Canada.adjacent to agricultural land for 127 different pesticides. TheOur wetlands are very biodiverse functioning ecosystems data will be stored in an online portal which will be availableand are not being threatened with pesticides. Farmers are using for consideration in pesticide risk assessments completed bypesticides in a responsible manner. This study is hugely valuable Health Canadas Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA). as it will help us demonstrate that to the PMRA, he says.This study will provide useful information that the PMRAThe PMRA is undergoing a transformation process that will can consider in a national water monitoring framework that thestrengthen its oversight and its protection of human health and PMRA is developing in collaboration with partners across thethe environment, according to the federal government.country.As part of the transformation process, the Pest Control The watersheds are located in the Three Hills and southernProducts Act is undergoing a targeted review and is looking at Alberta regions.ways to modernize its business practices, increase transparency Its part of a pilot for a national water monitoring frameworkand increase the use of real-world data on water monitoring, thats in the works with the collaboration of PMRA partnerscrop production and pesticide use.Nevin Rosaasen and his team are screening 15 Alberta wetlands adjacent to agricultural land for 127 different pesticides. PHOTO: ALBERTA PULSE GROWERS32seed.ab.ca'