b'course, drive certified seed usage, but only if we can drive price efficiency atWhat is Seed Regulatory Modernization?the same time, says Nick Sekulic, generalIt concerns the modernization of the Seeds Regulations, within the manager of Prestville Farms in Alberta. Seeds Act of Canada. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Currently, certified seed makes upis looking to update these regulations in order to:a small proportion of total cereal seedProtect producers and consumers by strengthening existing planted in Canada. The 2018 reportrequirementsCanadas Seed System: Economic Impact Improve responsiveness and consistencyAssessment and Risk Analysis, conducted Reduce complexityby the Canadian Seed Trade AssociationBecome adaptable and flexible to function in the modern, fast-(which merged with three other seedchanging worldindustry associations to form SeedsWhat Seed Regulatory Modernization is not:Canada last year), says that only aboutIts not a discussion about value creation. The CFIA, in cooperation 20 per cent of commercial spring wheatwith Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, already conducted joint acres in Western Canada were plantedconsultations with the grains sector on royalty collection models, with Certified seed from 2012-2014. enabled by Plant Breeders Rights, to stimulate greater investment We have to make sure that weveand competitiveness in cereal breeding.got the right value proposition on newIts not about plant breeding innovation. The CFIA and Health genetics. Market-based factors will driveCanada are actively working on projects to provide additional that. Im not certain we have that rightclarity on the regulatory approach to plant breeding innovations. now in all aspects of our regulatoryEarly discussions with industry stakeholders and other government framework, says Sekulic.departments have been held through a working group under theMarc Zienkiewicz Biotechnology Working Group (BWG) of the Grains Round Table. Public engagement activities will be conducted prior to any new policy implementation. Fall 2022 97'