b'New VarietiesPioneer brandP612L Mid-early 102% of InVigorR to blackleg Outstanding yield potentialSeeds/CortevaLL L234PC R to fusariumVery good lodging reduction scoreAgriscience wilt Suitable for all growing regions with (800) 667-3852 R to clubrootoptions for harvest timingpioneer.com/canada (CR4)corteva.ca P514CL Mid-early 107% ofR to blackleg Excellent yield potentialCL Canterra CSR to fusariumVery good lodging score2500CL wiltR to clubroot (CR5)Brevant seeds/ B3012 Mid-late110% of BrevantR to blackleg Great yield performanceCortevaLL seeds B3011 R to fusariumImproved pod shatter score over CANOLAAgriscience wilt Brevant Seeds B3010M(800) 667-3852 R to clubrootExcellent standability; good brevant.ca (CR1) verticillium stripe corteva.ca B3014Mid-late113% of BrevantR to blackleg High yield potential LL seeds B3011 R to fusariumSclerotinia resistance trait wilt Good plant height R to clubroot (CR1)Nutrien AgPV 781 TCM Early-to-mid 108% of 45H33 MultigenicEnhanced blackleg resistance and Solutions clubroot resist- protectionProven Seed ance TruFlex technology for flexibility in nutrienagsolutions.ca R to blackleg application rate and stagingprovenseed.ca Harvest management hybridPV 280 CLC Early-to-mid 120% of 45H33 MultigenicImpressive high yieldclubroot resist- Clearfield technologyance Non-GMOR to blackleg WHEAT DURUMHYBRID FALL RYE:HRSW: AAC GoldNet NEW!KWS SerafinoNEW! AAC HockleyNEW!AAC Succeed VBKWS Propower AAC Hodge VBNEW!AAC Stronghold AAC Wheatland VBAAC Schrader NEW! Fall Triticale: AAC LeRoy VB TadeusNEW! AAC RedberryFABA BEAN: FALL RYE: RedNet FabelleNEW!PrimaAAC ElieCDC 219-16NEW!AC Hazlet AAC BrandonFB 9-4 CDC Go SnowbirdWINTER WHEAT:HWSW: DL NevadoNEW!AAC NetworkNEW!AAC CirrusMAPLE PEA:AAC Wildfire AAC Iceberg Multiple Varieties AvailableAAC ColdfrontNEW! MustardSpring Triticale: FORAGE PEA:Hybrid Brown SunrayDL LacrossAAC Brown 18 NEW!CPS:YELLOW PEA:BrownCentennial PenholdAAC Chrome OrientalCutlass & ForgeGP WHEAT:CDC LewochkoNEW!Yellow - AAC Yellow 80NEW!KWS Alderon AAC Delhi Jumbo YellowAndanteSOFT WHEAT:AAC JuliusNEW! ALSO OFFERING: AAC Paramount VBGREEN PEA: Corn: Thunder SeedGrain, SilageAAC Awesome VBCDC Forest & Grazing AAC Sadash VB LENTIL:Barley:CDC Simmie CL Small RedNEW! Canola: BrettYoungMalt:CDC Nimble CL Small RedNEW!Bill Coors 100 - 2 RowCDC Proclaim CLSmall Red Inoculants AAC Synergy - 2 RowCDC Lima CLLarge GreenNEW!Cover Crops & Grazing Blends: CDC ChurchillNEW!9 Centre Street, Box 3030, Enchant, AB, T0K 0V0Feed: FLAX:Bullseye Radish CDC Dorado - Yellow Hairy Vetch Esma - 2 RowNEW!Greg StampCCA: [email protected] - 2 RowNEW!CDC Rowland - Brown Crimson Clover KWS Kellie - 2 RowNEW! ChickpeaKabuliRyegrassBlair Balog: [email protected] Hauge - 2 RowNEW!CDC PalmerHybrid Brassica Millet CDC Austenson - 2 Rowwww.stampseeds.comTwitter: @stampseedsAB Tofield 6 RowNEW!Sorghum AB Cattlelac - 6 RowTurnip AB Advantage - 6 RowCDC Renegade- 2 RowNEW! Select Status Plot ProductionOAT: Gentle Cleaning Facility CDC ArborgCDC HaymakerForage High Quality Year-Round Treating Facility Certified Crop Advisors60seed.ab.ca'