b'PARTNER CONTENTSeedMaster UltraPro II On Frame Tank provides incredible accuracy, gentle seed handling and uniformity across the width of the drill. PHOTO: SEEDMASTERWere the Innovation (and Canola) MastersDon Henry, CEO of SeedMaster ManufacturingA s I sit in my office at the SeedMaster HQ in Emerald Park,When you have zero seed mortality it allows you to cut back Sask. I cant help but think about the history of the companyon your seeding rates. Seeding rates for canola normally run and how weve followed a similar path to the crop we love toat around 4.5 to 5.5 pounds, depending on what youre using seedcanola. for an air seeder. With the SeedMaster Ultra Pro system, we SeedMaster is a family business, it was founded by Norbertgenerally hear our customers use rates of three to 3.2 pounds Beaujot in 2004. Beaujot, a farmer by trade, had worked hardper acre of canola seed. Saving two pounds per acre at todays with his family over the years to develop seeding equipmentseeding costs can put up to $30 per acre back in your pocket that worked for farmers on the Canadian Prairies, similar to howwhile still giving you the plant population youre looking for. researchers at the University of Manitoba worked together toThe combination of seed metering accuracy and plant develop canola, a crop designed for the Prairies, in the 1970s.breeding has allowed for canola to grow more successful Canola is a crop that changed Western Canada just as we havein drier soils zones. Seed damage, which can jeopardize changed the seeding world for it. germination, is stopped by not having to blow the seed through In the two decades since SeedMaster was founded wevedistribution heads to separate and potentially damage it. We worked hard to develop a seeder that is the CanolaMaster.want to continue to make that seed journey as smooth as Canola seed is very small which makes seeding it a challenge.possible moving forward.Theres always concern about getting the seed meteredThe precise metering and distribution systems are a real accurately, putting it through the air distribution system, andfeather in our cap. The SeedMaster opener works extremely getting proper placement in the ground as shallow as possible.well in most soil zones and can put the seed in an accurate, At SeedMaster weve developed metering technologyprecise place giving you fast uniform emergence. This which is extremely accurate. We have an individual meter platecombination allows us to defend our CanolaMaster title.for every opener resulting in the metering being as close toThe evolution of the metering and distribution system to be singulation as possible. We use an air distribution system thatextremely accurate and minimizing seed mortality that happens takes the seed directly from the meter to the opener, so thereswith most other air seeding systems has been key to our work no distribution heads that can potentially damage the seedat SeedMaster. We continue to make our seeders better and before going to the openers. The result, we see close to zerowe will continue to moving forward because canola is such an seed mortality with our seeders. important crop on the Prairies.Fall 2022 91'