b'SEED CERTIFICATIONWhy I Grow Certified SeedGrowing certified seed is important to growers from helping their farmer customers to carrying on farming traditions.Seed Grower:Seed Grower: Ward Oatway Andrew KittleLocation:Location:Oatways Seed Farm inKittle Farms Ltd.Clive, Alta. in Viking, Alta.With certified seed youreWe grow certified providing something that hasseed to sell to a guaranteed quality to yourcustomers of course, customers and the customersbut we grow and really seem to appreciate that.sell certified seed Theyre assured of a level ofto provide a quality competence in the productproduct and to allow theyre getting because weour local neighbours must go through so many hoopsand producers to to get it to where it needs to be.have access to the There is a level of satisfactionlatest varieties.as a seed grower to be able to do that. As well, youre also getting the newest varietiesyoure getting them first andSeed Grower:youre getting new geneticsWill Van Roesselout there to the customer and to the grower. Location:Speciality Seeds Ltd.There is also thein Bow Island, Alta.feedback from your customers of Wow, this isI got into it as a a really cool, new thing, orway to improve the Maybe that isnt quite whatreturn per acre on Im looking for. This allowsa relatively small you to adjust if its a varietyacreage that I had thats not as well suited as youwhen I started thought it might be you learn andfarming. And then you move on. That feedback youIve just stayed in it get from your customers is alwaysbecause I find it quite the first indicator of whether or notinteresting. You get youre on the right track. a chance to look at new varieties, new technology, new Seed Grower:seed production Tracy Niemela that takes a while, especially with the Location:hybrid crops. Ill get a Sandy Hill Seed Farm in Sylvan Lake, Alta. chance to work with some of these things Growing up on a seed farm, I experienced first-hand the benefitsa year or two before that good quality seed brings to the ag industry. Im now a third- a commercial farmer generation seed grower. My decision to become a seed growerdoes.was easy. I grew up withit its in my blood, its in my family. I wanted to continue that, and ensure that producers always have pure, quality seed of the latest varieties available to them.14seed.ab.ca'