b'STEPS TO GROW CERTIFIED SEED In 2021,64 different crop kindsand2,079 different varieties 1 Variety developmentplant breeders developof cropswere inspected new seed varieties with new traits and improvedacross Canada.yields2 Parent seed multiplicationbreeder seed is produced in small amounts and the Canadian SeedCSGA SEED GROWERS IN 2021.Grower Association (CSGA) seed growers multiply the seed Nationally, there were 3,113 members 3 Field selectionseed growers select fieldswho grew 1,253,872 acres of seedfollowing CSGA land use requirements4 Planting equipment sanitizationduring planting seed growers clean machinery and planters to remove other seed varieties, weeds and pests/diseases5 Isolationfields are isolated from other crops to24 B.C. members grew 5,561 acresprevent contamination 683 Alberta members grew 335,669 acres6 Roguingseed growers inspect their fields and remove any plants that shouldnt be there7 Field inspectionthird party Canadian FoodIn 2021, more than 1.25 million Inspection Agency (CFIA) licensed inspectorsacres of 12,861 seed fields were scrutinize fields during the growing season inspected nationally.8 Certificationafter passing inspections and meeting CSGA standards, an official crop certificate is grantedTOP 10 PEDIGREED CANADIAN SEED 9 Harvestingseed growers properly clean andCROPS BY TOTAL ACREAGE IN 2021sanitize their equipment, then harvest seed at the appropriate maturity stage WHEAT 358,311SOYBEANS 266,335.2010 Seed storagecertified seed is stored in separateBARLEY 135,444.20storage bins to preserve varietal purity and allow for traceability PEAS 96,372.1011 Testing and gradingCFIA-accredited gradersOATS 78,794.30verify seed is tested by CFIA-accredited labsCANOLA 64,981.212 Bagging and taggingcertified seed is packagedALFALFA 41,001.50and labeled by variety name with an official blue certified seed tag LENTILS 35,403.1113 Commercial farmercertified seed is bought andFLAX 31,649.20planted by commercial farmers TIMOTHY 29,857.44*Information provided by the Canadian Seed Growers AssociationFall 2022 15'