b'get ahead of it. Also, its looking at multiple tools to even be responsive so you can make better management decisionsIt didnt take off and become and in-crop treatments. Definitely the varieties are the focus,the variety that farmers are that way producers dont have that challenge and we have the resistance up front. growing because, in addition Similarly, the Alberta Barley and Wheat commissions areto Fusarium resistance, there committed to serious, long-term funding for Fusarium as part of their respective research programs. might be other parameters The commissions are currently sponsoring more than 20they are looking for such as projects totalling more than $2 million through research clusters and its own programs.lodging and yield. If a farmer The long-term strategy is developing resistant varieties,doesnt have Fusarium on says David Simbo, the commissions former research program manager. If you look at the wheat and barley cluster, a numberthe fields, he may not look at of projects would be devoted toward that in addition towardsresistance as the big thing. the breeding programs. Generally, they are breeding varieties that would be resistant to Fusarium head blight. There are also David Simboa number of ongoing genetic studies with results that will feed into the breeding program so the breeders will use results ofwell against Fusarium but has poor uptake because its not genetic studies to promote resistant varieties. preferred by maltsters and brewers. Simbo notes, though, that just because a variety carries aIt didnt take off and become the variety that farmers are strong resistance towards Fusarium, it must be good all aroundgrowing because, in addition to Fusarium resistance, there with a strong agronomic package or else farmers wont growmight be other parameters they are looking for such as lodging them. For crops that have specific end-use markets, such asand yield. If a farmer doesnt have Fusarium on the fields, he malting barley, the variety must be able to perform well in themay not look at resistance as the big thing.malthouse. A relatively new malting barley variety, Lowe, does Trevor BacqueWin the Start.Start with Lumivia CPL insecticide seed treatment, and your season bursts with potential. Lumivia CPL provides wheat, barley and oats with a new mode of action for outstanding protection against wireworm, cutworm and early season armyworm. Its proven to maximize your seeds genetic potential, increasing plant stand, vigour and biomass. Win the start with Lumivia CPL and deliver your best season yet.Visit us at Corteva.caTM Trademarks of Corteva Agriscience and its aliated companies.2022 Corteva56seed.ab.caFLEISHMAN HILLARD HIGHROAD Colour Information Creative Director33 Bloor Street East, Suite 1500 FILE NAME: 522034-020_SAT_WHEAT_AlbertaSeedGuide_7i125x4i75_En_FToronto, OntarioM4W 3H1416-214-0701 Printing Inks: 4/0 Colours Tony PDocket#: 522034-020 Trim Size: 7.125" w x 4.75" h Cyan N/ADocket Name: Wheat and Lentil Print Rollout Live Area: N/A Account ManagerDescription: WHEAT Bleed Size: N/A Magenta N/AName Client: Corteva Image Res: 300 dpi Yellow N/AFilename: 522034-020_SAT_WHEAT_AlbertaSeedGuide_7i125x4i75_En_F Publication: Alberta Seed Guide Project ManagerStudio Designer: CL Pub. Contact: N/A Black N/AContact: Sam T Cover Date: N/A Die Line / Fold Marks Inks: DO NOT PRINT Sam TStart Date: Aug 18, 2022 Format: CMYK Fold Marks Perf LineDue Date: August 22, 2022 Scale: 1:1|Laser is at 100% Die Line N/ANOTES: THIS IS NOT A COLOUR PROOF. Refer to pantone chips and process match books for accurate colour samples. No trapping has been done to thisle. Our artists have done everything possible to make thisle mechanically perfect. However, before signing approval please check all copy, dimensions and colour space.'