b'New VarietiesAbbreviations SCNSoybean Cyst NematodeRR2Roundup Ready 2 The Alberta Seed Guide DISEASE RESISTANCEWCC/RCCWestern CanadaRR2YRoundup Ready 2 YieldNew Varieties List SCLSclerotinia Resistance is your heads-up to what will soon beSSusceptibleCanola/ Rapeseed RecommendingSSSmartStax MSModerately SusceptibleCommittee available in a field near you. MRModerate Resistance RResistantTRAITSWHEAT IIntermediateCRClubroot Resistance CNHRCanada Northern Hard RedSome varieties may only be available in limited supplycallGENVT2P RIBGenuity VT DoubleCPSRCanada Prairie Spring Redyour local representative for more information. TheOTHERPro RIB Complete CWADCanada Western Amber CBCorn Borer GENRR2YGenuity RoundupDurum companies that were asked to supply information areCHUCrop Heat Units Ready 2 YieldCWHRWCanada Western Hard Red responsible for any claims contained within the list.CPTCanola Performance Trials GENRR2X/SCNGenuity RoundupWinterRemember, variety performance may vary from region toFHBFusarium Head BlightReady 2 Xtend CWRSCanada Western Red Springregion. Visit the seed.ab.ca website for company links. HUHeat UnitsGTGlyphosate Tolerant CWSWSCanada Wester Soft White IDCIron Deficiency Chlorosis LLLiberty LinkSpringPRRPhytophthora Root Rot RRRoundup Ready BARLEYVariety Name/ Disease/Pest Company Type Maturity Yield Resistance HighlightsCanterra Seeds AAC Prairie Equal to AAC106% of ACI to FHB High yield potential with earlier (866) 744-4321 Malt Connect Metcalfe MR to smut,maturitycanterra.com 2-row stem rust, netShorter straw with good standabilityblotch Excellent malting profile suitable for I to spot blotch mainstream brewingAAC Lariat Equal to CDC104% of CDCMS to FHB High yield potentialFeed Austenson Austenson R to smut,Short strong straw with excellent 2-row stem rust, spotstandabilityblotch High test weight and plumpnessBARLEY CANOLAMR to net blotchFP Genetics AB Hague +2 days CDC114% of CDCMR to FHB High grain and forage yield with a (866) 744-4321 Feed and forage Copeland Copeland MR to stem rust strong disease packagefpgenetics.ca 2-row R to otherShowed high average daily gain with smuts lowest cost of gain against all checks MR to looseand has performed well in past smut drought conditionsTorbellino +1.3 days CDC105% of CDCI to scald High yield potential with short strong Feed Copeland Copeland I to other smuts straw and superior standability2-row Well suited to high fertility programs with excellent harvestability Plumper and heavier kernels than malt checks SeedNet AB Prime Barley 1 day earlier than4% higher thanI to FHB High yield potential(403) 715-9771 Feed Austenson Austenson R to smut Low DON accumulationseednet.ca 2-row Excellent disease packageCANOLAVariety Name/ Disease/Pest Company Type Maturity Yield Resistance HighlightsBASF InVigor L350PC Mid-long 115.6% of theR to blackleg Pod shatter reduction(877) 371-2273 LL checks (InVigorR to clubroot Medium heightagsolutions.ca/ L255PC and1st generation clubroot resistanceInVigor Pioneer 45H33) in 2020 and 2021 BASF internal trialsInVigor HealthMid-long 106.9% of theR to blackleg Pod shatter reductionL359HPC checks (InVigorR to clubroot Medium heightLL L255PC and1st generation clubroot resistancePioneer 45H33) in 2021 BASF internal trials58seed.ab.ca'