b'BASF InVigor ChoiceMid-long 114.3% of theR to blackleg Pod shatter reduction(877) 371-2273 LR354PC checks (InVigorR to clubroot Medium heightagsolutions.ca/ LL/RR L255PC andLibertyLink technology system and InVigor Pioneer 45H33)TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready in 2020 andTechnology 2021 WCC/RRC1st generation clubroot resistancetrialsBrettYoung BY 7102LL Plus 1.9 days of101% of WCC/ R to blacklegOur premier LibertyLink hybrid with (800) 665-5015 Hybrid napus WCC/RRC checks RRC checks (major geneclubroot and blackleg DefendR brettyoung.ca LL groups C, F) protection, and full-season yield Next-genera- potentialtion clubroot resistanceR to fusarium wiltBY 6217TF Plus 1.5 days of106% of WCC/ R to blacklegPod, clubroot, and blackleg DefendR Hybrid napus trial checks RRC checks (major genetraits with flexibility of the TruFlex TruFlex groups C, E2) canola systemBARLEY Next-genera-Variety Name/ Disease/Pesttion clubroot Company Type Maturity Yield Resistance Highlights resistanceR to fusarium Canterra Seeds AAC Prairie Equal to AAC106% of ACI to FHB High yield potential with earlierwilt(866) 744-4321 Malt Connect Metcalfe MR to smut,maturity BY 6214TF Plus 0.3 days of103% of RR/TFR to blacklegA high-performing, mid-maturity canterra.com 2-row stem rust, netShorter straw with good standability Hybrid napus trial checks checks (major genehybrid with advanced disease blotch Excellent malting profile suitable forTruFlex groups A, G) resistance traitsI to spot blotch mainstream brewing Next-genera-AAC Lariat Equal to CDC104% of CDCMS to FHB High yield potential tion clubroot Feed Austenson Austenson R to smut,Short strong straw with excellentresistance CANOLA2-row stem rust, spotstandability R to fusarium blotch High test weight and plumpness wiltMR to netCanterra Seeds CS4000 LL Mid 112.8% ofR to blackleg High yielding variety with shatter blotch (866) 744-4321 Brassica napusP506ML R to clubrootresistanceFP Genetics AB Hague +2 days CDC114% of CDCMR to FHB High grain and forage yield with acanterra.com Hybrid Mid maturity suitable for all growing (866) 744-4321 Feed and forage Copeland Copeland MR to stem rust strong disease package LL regionsfpgenetics.ca 2-row R to otherShowed high average daily gain withFeatures 1st generation clubroot smuts lowest cost of gain against all checksresistance and blackleg resistanceMR to looseand has performed well in pastCS3000 TF Mid 100.7% ofR to blackleg 2nd gen clubroot resistance smut drought conditions Brassica napusCP20R3C R to clubrootMultigenic blackleg resistance R-AGTorbellino +1.3 days CDC105% of CDCI to scald High yield potential with short strongHybrid Straight cut variety with mid maturity Feed Copeland Copeland I to other smuts straw and superior standability TruFlex suitable for all growing zones2-row Well suited to high fertility programsCS3100 TF FullThe top TruFlexR to blackleg Full maturity best suited to longer with excellent harvestabilityBrassica napusyielder in 2021R to clubrootseason growing zonesPlumper and heavier kernels thanHybrid registration1st and 2nd gen clubroot resistance malt checksTruFlex trials and multigenic blackleg resistance SeedNet AB Prime Barley 1 day earlier than4% higher thanI to FHB High yield potential R-ADE2(403) 715-9771 Feed Austenson Austenson R to smut Low DON accumulation Top yielding TruFlex variety in seednet.ca 2-row Excellent disease package registration trials with excellent straight cut performanceCANOLA CS2700 CL Mid 102.1% checksR to blackleg Mid maturity Clearfield variety with Variety Name/ Disease/PestBrassica napusin 2020 WCC/ R to clubrootexcellent yield potentialCompany Type Maturity Yield Resistance Highlights Hybrid RRC Registra- 1st and 2nd generation clubroot BASF InVigor L350PC Mid-long 115.6% of theR to blackleg Pod shatter reduction Clearfield tion Trials resistance, multigenic blackleg(877) 371-2273 LL checks (InVigorR to clubroot Medium height resistance R-AE2agsolutions.ca/ L255PC and1st generation clubroot resistance Exclusive contract premiums availableInVigor Pioneer 45H33)CS2800 CL Full Top yieldingR to blackleg Full season Clearfield hybrid best in 2020 andBrassica napusClearfieldR to clubrootsuited to long season growing zone2021 BASFHybrid canola hybrid in1st and 2nd generation clubroot internal trials Clearfield 2021 registra- resistance and multigenic blackleg InVigor HealthMid-long 106.9% of theR to blackleg Pod shatter reduction tion trials. resistance R-AFGL359HPC checks (InVigorR to clubroot Medium height Exclusive contract premiums availableLL L255PC and1st generation clubroot resistancePioneer 45H33) in 2021 BASF internal trialsFall 2022 59'