b'FLAXVariety Name/ Disease/PestFLAXCompany Type Maturity Yield Resistance HighlightsSeCan CDC Kernen +1 of CDC Bet- 106% of CDCLarge seed(800) 665-7333 Brown seededhune Bethune Strong Strawsecan.com Earlier than CDC RowlandFORAGESVariety Name/ Use (Hay orWinter Merit Tested in Company Type Grazing) Hardiness Canada (Y/N) HighlightsBrettYoung Ace Hay Excellent Yes Top forage yieldsFORAGES(800) 665-5015 Alfalfa 1.4 Premium quality brettyoung.ca Aggressive regrowth Outstanding winterhardiness Genetic resistance to stem nematodesReload Hay and pasture Excellent Yes Branch root characteristics Alfalfa 1.7 Multiple strain resistance toAphanomyces High tolerance to saturated soils Long and productive stand life Broad adaptation to a range ofconditionsBeiseker, ABSPRING WHEATFEED BARLEYLENTILS-AAC HockleyNEW -Esma 2- RowNEW -CDC Proclaim -AAC Starbuck VB -AB Advantage 6-rowPedigreed Seed Varieties -AAC Wheatland VB -AB Hague 2-rowNEW FLAX-CDC Neela MALT BARLEY Winter Wheat Feed Barley Durum -CDC ChurchillNEW YELLOW PEASFALL RYE - AAC Goldrush - AB Hague - AC Transcend -AAC Profit-Hazlet (standard)- AAC Icefield- AAC Succeed VB SOFT WHITE-AAC Carver - KWS Daniello (hybrid)Industrial Hemp - AAC Stronghold -Sadash VB-AAC ArdillNEW - KWS Propower (hybrid) HRSW - Finola - AAC Grainland -AAC Paramount VB -AAC Chrome - AAC Viewfield - Vega - CDC Defy- AAC Russell VB Harvest More Bushels!- AAC Hockley Hybrid Fall Rye Yellow Peas- KWS Bono - AAC Chrome Custom Mobile treating (KSI drum treater)Lentils - KWS Trebiano - AAC Profit 90 scale - CDC Impulse CL - KWS Aviator Call Paul Wiebe for any details: 403-510-9260- CDC Nimble CL - KWS Receptor@assureseeds|Assureseeds.ca- CDC Lima [email protected]@quattroseedswww.quattroventures.comBow Island, ABFall 2022 65'