b"Land access is something we really have to think creatively about. If we want more farmers in the world, how can we make sure that everybody has land to grow food on and to learnThe new reality is that on? says Alex Pulwicki, Alberta land access and e-learningmany farmers purchasing coordinator for a relatively new-to-Alberta organization called the Young Agrarians. Rather than using the phrase landland in Alberta cannot acquisition, we use the phrase land access to more generallypay it off in their lifetimes mean having the ability to use land for farming in any form. Were really trying to expand what the possibilities might be forjust by farming it. finding land.Katherine AskeYoung Agrarians started in British Columbia in 2011 as a grassroots organization to connect young farmers. Initially, the organization focused on events that allowed new farmers to connect and learn about agriculture, business planning and build relationships. The organization then expanded to includeThere are people who own land as an investment who don't programs that focus on reducing barriers to entry and successactually farm it themselves. There are people who are retired including business mentorships, on-farm training, and landfarmers who would love to see their land being used for farming, access support.but they don't want to farm it themselves anymore, explains In B.C. and, more recently, in Alberta, Young Agrarians hasPulwicki. been working to help young farmers connect in creative ways toRentingeither at a cash rate or via a crop share agreement access land. The B.C. Land Matching Program, which is funded can be a way for farmers to expand operations when they by the provincial government, is a match-making servicedont have the capital to purchase land. Farm Credit Canada that connects land seekers and landholders and supports the(FCC) calculates the rent to price ratio (the rental rate per acre development of land sharing/lease agreements. In Alberta,divided by the market value of farmland per acre) at two per Young Agrarians offers land linking events and resources,cent in Alberta in 2021, slightly lower than the 2.5 per cent including a database of land opportunities.national average.Farm less. Make more.We are family owned and operated, established in 1993. Serving Western Canada. Increase your profits and farm fewer acres Request a Quote Today! with DUCs Marginal Area Program.Office306-645-2180Outside Sales639-541-0099 Learn how at ag.ducks.cawww.afabindustries.ca or call us today: 1-825-987-060744seed.ab.ca"