b'IMPROVE GERMINATION inSALINE SOILSACTION 5% CALCIUMSEED TREATMENT FOR MORE INFORMATIONCALL:Stollers Action 5% is an extremely soluble source of liquid Calcium (Ca)1-800-674-8824along with Growth Enhancing Co-Factors designed to increase a plantsVISIT:ability to handle stress conditions such as low moisture and soil salinity. www.stollerenterprises.caFor Use On: Barley, Canola, Corn, Lentils, Oats, Peas, Soybeans, & WheatStoller Enterprises284 Industrial Drive NRegina, SKS4R 8R6Phone: 1-800-674-8824Disclaimer: Action 5% is not a replacement for sound agronomy and should not be looked at as a solution in correcting soil salinity issues. Always read and follow label directions. Please contact your Stoller Territory Manager or visit our website (www.stollerenterprises.ca) to determine compatibility with other seed treatments. Results may vary.'