BARLEY The Alberta Seed Guide New Varieties List is your heads up to what will soon be available in a field near you. Some varieties may only be available in limited supply, so make sure you call your local representative for more information. The companies that were asked to supply information are responsible for any claims contained within the list. Always remember that variety performance may vary from region to region. Visit the website for company links. abbreviations DISEASE RESISTANCE S - Susceptible MS - Moderately Susceptible MR - Moderate Resistance R - Resistant I - Intermediate OTHER HU - Heat Units HM - HarvestMax (Pod Shatter Resistance trait) CHU - Crop Heat Units CPT - Canola Performance Trials SCN - Soybean Cyst Nematode WCC/RRC - Western Canada Canola/ Rapeseed Recommending Committee TRAITS CR – Clubroot Resistance GENVT2P RIB - Genuity VT Double Pro RIB Complete GENRR2Y - Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield GENRR2X/SCN - Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Xtend HX1 - Herculex® I LL - Liberty Link RR - Roundup Ready RR2 - Roundup Ready 2 RR2Y - Roundup Ready 2 Yield SCL - Sclerotinia Resistance SS - SmartStax YGCB - YieldGard Corn Borer New Varieties WHEAT CNHR - Canada Northern Hard Red CPSR - Canada Prairie Spring Red CWAD - Canada Western Amber Durum CWHRW – Canada Western Hard Red Winter CWRS - Canada Western Red Spring ALFALFA ALFALFA Company Variety Name/Type Use (Hay or Grazing) Winter Hardiness Merit Tested in Canada (Y/N) Highlights BrettYoung 1-800-665-5015 Foothold Wide Deepset Crown Multifoliate Hay and pasture Excellent Yes Long lived variety developed with an oversized deepset crown Tolerates traffic well with a more spreading prostrate growth habit Good disease resistance and winter hardiness ANNUAL RYEGRASS Company Variety Name/Type Use (Hay or Grazing) Winter Hardiness Merit Tested in Canada (Y/N) Highlights PICKSEED 1-800-265-3925 Firkin Italian Tetraploid Hay N/A Yes, Replicated Private Trials High yielding Will not set seed in the year of sowing High disease resistance BARLEY Company/Logo Variety Name/Type Maturity Yield Disease/Pest Resistance Highlights CANTERRA SEEDS (204) 988-9750 AAC Connect Malt 2-Row Equal to AC Metcalfe 111% of AC Metcalfe MR to FHB MR to Stem Rust High yield potential with plumper kernels Excellent standability due to its short strong straw Excellent malting quality - similar profile to AC Metcalfe SeCan 1-800-665-7333 CDC Bow Malt 2-Row 1 day later than Metcalfe 109% AC Metcalfe MS to FHB MR to Leaf Rust Strongest straw of any two row malt Improved straw strength allows more intensive management Under malt market development CANOLA Company Variety Name/Type Maturity Yield Disease/Pest Resistance Highlights Bayer 1-888-283-6847 InVigor L255PC Pod Shatter Reduction and clubroot resistant* LL One and a half days later than average of the checks 109% of the checks (InVigor 5440 and Pioneer 45H29) in 2016 WCC/RRC trials Clubroot Resistance R for Blackleg Featuring InVigor’s® patented Pod Shatter Reduction technol- ogy plus clubroot resistance* Outstanding yield protection and exceptional harvest flexibility for all mid- to long-growing zones in Canada Excellent standability *To predominant clubroot pathotypes identified in Canada at the time of registration BrettYoung 1-800-665-5015 6090 RR +1.4 days 104% of checks 45H29/InVigor 5440 R-CE for Blackleg R of Clubroot 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8 Top performer for yield, standability and harvestability Industry leading blackleg performance Adapted to the mid and long season zones CANTERRA SEEDS (204) 988-9750 CS2400 Hybrid napus RR Early 98% of 74-44 R-CX to Blackleg R to Fusarium Wilt New high yielding early season hybrid with unique multigenic blackleg resistance Medium height Multigenic blackleg resistance: R-CX Dow AgroSciences 1-800-667-3852 1024 RR Roundup Ready Mid-Long season 107% of 1012 RR R to Clubroot R to Blackleg R to Fusarium Wilt High yielding variety with excellent early season vigour Clubroot resistant Excellent lodging resistance and standability ANNUAL RYEGRASS CANOLA 52 | Advancing Seed in Alberta