Seed Grower Profile UNLIKE many industries, farming is one where most kids don’t roll their eyes at the prospect of following in dad’s footsteps. That is certainly the case for two new members of the Alberta Seed Growers (ASG) board who were both eyeing a farming career from an early age. Such is the story with Richard Hallett, a seed grower and cattle producer located 15 km west of Carstairs. “My dad started growing pedigreed seed in the 1980s, so I was born into it. I’ve grown pedigreed seed my whole life.” Hallett took an eight-month break after high school and travelled to New Zealand, but all roads led back to the farm. “When I returned, I went to Olds College and studied farm and ranch management, and I’ve been working on our seed business ever since.” Family Values The business is truly a family affair. Hallett’s young son and daughter are involved, and his 91-year-old grandfather still lends a hand. That concept of continuity is a big part of the seed growing appeal for Hallett. “I love seeing things through. As a seed grower, I hear about new varieties coming down the pipeline and I can choose BOARD MEMBERS EAGER TO GET GROWING These two seed growers are new Alberta Seed Growers board members. Both have farming in their blood, and are pumped about their new role. Tracy Niemela Richard Hallett the ones I think will be good for our customers,” he says. “It’s satisfying to follow the seeds through their lifecycle and find the varieties that best suit a specific area and client.” The only challenge comes at peak times when he’s selling seed while trying to get his own seed in the ground. Of course, a knack for overcoming obstacles is a good quality for a new ASG board member. “I just joined at the end of January, so am quite new to this. I’ve attended the general meetings over the last four years, and when the past president approached me I decided to get involved.” 38 | Advancing Seed in Alberta Southern Alberta Seed growers growing for you! Visit us at for more information Email: Phone: 403-715-9771 Who is SeedNet? Members: SeedNet's core is made up of 13 well-established seed growers in southern Alberta; together they have over 400 years of seed growing experience. Their multigenerational farms bring the experience and energy to grow of many varieties of seed under irrigation and dryland conditions. Grower-Dealers: Beyond southern Alberta SeedNet has a network of experienced grower- dealers and retailers making sure that the varieties you want to grow are close at hand. Visit our website for a list of members and dealers to find the one closest to you! Who is SeedNet? Members: Grower-Dealers: