BETTER START. BETTER HARVEST. DuPont™ Lumiderm® insecticide seed treatment provides: • Enhanced protection against striped and crucifer flea beetles • Early season cutworm control • Excellent early season seedling stand establishment, vigour and biomass Enjoy protection from both key pests of canola in one convenient bag. Ask your seed provider to include Lumiderm® on your 2018 canola seed order. Visit DuPont™ Lumiderm® is a DuPont™ Lumigen® seed sense product. As with all crop protection products, read and follow label instructions carefully. Member of CropLife Canada. Unless indicated, trademarks with ® , TM or SM are trademarks of DuPont or affiliates. © 2017 DuPont. insecticide seed treatment DuPont™ Lumiderm®