the breeder responded directly to him right away. It’s amazing to see that direct communication. It’s unprecedented. It’s fantastic that we are all working together to fine-tune the right variety for the right place, working together to make a variety succeed… with breeders getting feedback right from early stage germplasm through all the other stages.” Prefontaine agrees there has been a definite shift to more direct connection and two-way influence. “There is a lot of communication between all parties, and in fact, at Canterra, we have staff dedicated to fostering these relationships and ensuring a constant information flow,” she notes. “I was sitting on a combine the other day with a seed grower who is connected directly with a processor in his area. This type of direct connection results in a greater level of specialization and the existence of more variety-specific attributes, all of which helps meet the needs of both the grower and the end-user.” Caroline Lafontaine, managing director of communications and member services with the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CGSA), notes there has also been a change in the last decade in the Photo courtesy AWC SeCan’s new winter wheat AAC Wildfire. 29 Advancing Seed in Alberta | fall.2017 Product/Campaign Name: Web Publication: Alberta Seed Guide Date Produced: October 2017 Size: 7.125” x 3.25 SEC_WEB17 Genes on-line. Genes on-line. For genes that fit your farm® , visit Genes that fit your farm® is a registered trademark of SeCan. SEC_WEB17_ABSG_SEC_WEB16_ABSG.qxd 2017-10-15 6:03 PM Page 1