Innovation Showcase Sponsored Content 17 Advancing Seed in Alberta | fall.2017 Call 1.855.746.8200 or visit to find a dealer near you. BUCKET ELEVATORS | CHAIN CONVEYORS | ACCESSORIES • GENTLE HANDLING HANDLING YOUR SEED AND PROTECTING IT ALL AT THE SAME TIME. designed to minimize product impact • CONTAMINATION PROTECTION designed to prevent product build up and to provide simple clean-out • MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY designed to increase your productivity Self-Cleaning Conveyor Tail Curved back plate prevents product build up. Curved Elevator Head Promotes minimal product impact. Winged Elevator Boot Pulley Prevents product build up on pulley face. Flush Cross Slide Gate Flush with conveyor floor with no ridges for product impact. Enclosed Conveyor Housing Weather tight and prevents product drop off. PROUDLY CANADIAN MADE NORSTAR Industries Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer of material handling equipment dedicated to helping you move your product with ease and with confidence. When it comes to seed handling, we focus on two key components in our product offering; GENTLE HANDLING and CONTAMINATION PROTECTION. GENTLE HANDLING is critical to successful seed production and the handling process is one of the highest risk areas for product damage. Our most commonly utilized equipment in seed applications are our bucket elevators and chain/paddle conveyors. Our bucket elevators feature a curved head that minimizes product impact during discharge. We ensure that each elevator is specifically calibrated to provide you with the capacity that you need while still maintaining safe speeds for the product it is handling. Chain/paddle conveyors, especially En-Masse conveyors, are gentle on the products they move. The conveyance concept of an En-Masse chain conveyor is based on shallow paddles sliding along the conveyor floor and taking the seed on the conveyor bottom along with them. This seed moving on the conveyor floor carries along the seed sitting above it with very little torque or friction experienced by the material. CONTAMINATION PROTECTION is also key in the seed industry, where product mixing and spoilage is extremely costly. We design our equipment to address this and minimize the risk on-site by offering thorough clean-out. Norstar bucket elevators feature winged boot pulleys that prevent product buildup on the pulley face. The boot floor of our elevators can be easily accessed with a vacuum or other solution for simple cleanout between products, and our trunking service doors offer access for cleaning belts and buckets. Our chain conveyors have a fully enclosed housing that protects from dust and the elements. Each Norstar chain conveyor features a self-cleaning tail section that prevents material buildup at the back of the conveyor during operation. Cleaning paddles are optional for an efficient and thorough cleanout of the conveyor floor. We also offer a unique flush-mounted cross slide gate that sits completely flush to the conveyor floor when closed. There is no lip for product to get stuck in or damaged on. These are just a few of the ways that Norstar can help move your seed with ease and with confidence in 2018. We build our equipment so that our customers can operate more efficiently and comfortably. To get in contact with a Norstar representative or dealer please visit MOVING SEED WITH EASE. MOVING SEED WITH CONFIDENCE.