105 Advancing Seed in Alberta | fall.2017 Hansen agrees. “The relationship among the three partners continues to grow,” he notes. “We are well-aligned, and with an effective governance model in place we are able to work well towards the objectives of the agreement. Partnerships make sense when you are able to bring various elements required to the table to further the advancement, versus everyone trying to do things on their own. Wheat is a very complex crop that requires a significant investment in order for it to remain a competitive option for the farmer. This may not apply for all crops, but for wheat and durum, this does seem to be true, and so the arrangement definitely makes sense.” Hansen adds that Canterra Seeds’ interest in continuing the three-way relationship is strong, and that it fully intends to explore new opportunities, including perhaps the involvement of Limagrain Cereals Research Canada if it makes sense. Limagrain and Canterra Seeds have a partnership, and this relationship could provide opportunity for expanded future collaboration, including germplasm and breeding tools. For his part, Steve notes that for AWC, the 4-P model for breeding Canada Prairie Spring Red wheat has been very successful and he looks forward to discussions on a renewal. “We really like this model, and with it, we have the resources in place for a world-class program,” he says. “We look forward to more varieties over the next few years.” Harpinder adds that from his perspective, it would be wonderful to continue on, and he looks forward to sitting down and discussing it early next year. “It’s been wonderful,” he says, “to work both with Canterra and also the Alberta Wheat Commission.” Treena Hein Save dollars and make sense With accounting software built for agriculture Keep your business on track and on budget with AgExpert Analyst – do everything from basic bookkeeping to GST returns, inventory management, payroll, forecasts, automated or customized reports, and more. fccsoftware.ca | 1-800-667-7893