Variety Trials

2016 Regional Variety Trials

The 2016 data from the Regional Variety Trials will help you make one of your most important farm management decisions choosing the best seed for your farm. Once you have found a variety that fits your farm, you can source seed available with Seed For Sale tools found here on

This annual publication provides information on cereal and oilseed variety performance in Alberta and northeastern British Columbia. Important agronomic characteristics and disease resistance information is provided for varieties of wheat, barley, oat, rye, triticale, flax and canola. The Alberta Regional Variety Testing program for cereals and flax is coordinated by the Alberta Regional Variety Advisory Committee (ARVAC) and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AAF). Funding for the program is provided by:

  • Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  • Alberta Wheat Commission
  • Alberta Barley Commission
  • Alberta Oat Growers Association
  • Alberta Seed Growers
  • Alberta Seed Processors
  • Entry fees for the varieties being tested

Data for this publication come from various sources, including:

  • Alberta Agriculture & Forestry
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • British Columbia Grain Producers
  • CPS Canada
  • University of Alberta
  • Alberta Innovates Technology Futures
  • Farming Smarter
  • Smokey Applied Research and Development Association (SARDA)
  • Battle River Research Group (BRRG)
  • Chinook Applied Research Association (CARA)
  • Gateway Research Organization (GRO)
  • Lakeland Applied Research Association (LARA)
  • McKenzie Applied Research Association (MARA)
  • Northern Peace Applied Research Association (NPARA)
  • Prairie Grain Development Committee
  • Canola Council of Canada

The following individuals are the Regional Variety Trial and crop specific coordinators:

  • Alex Fedko, Regional Variety Trial Coordinator
  • Spring wheat, Dr. H. Randhawa and Dr. D. Spaner
  • Winter Wheat, Dr. R. Graf
  • Barley, J. Anderson
  • Oat, Dr. J. Mitchell-Fetch
  • Triticale, Dr. H. Randhawa
  • Fall Rye, Dr. J. Larsen
  • Winter Triticale, Dr. J. Larsen
  • Flax, Dr. M. Beaith

Sincere thanks are extended to all individuals and organizations that contribute to this publication.

To download a PDF of the 2016 RVT trial data, click here: asg_spring2017 RVT.